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Investment Approach

Our Mission

At IIM, we focus our efforts on providing sound and unbiased investment advice to our clients to assist them in achieving financial goals consistent with their individual risk tolerance. As an independent, client-centric company, IIM places its clients’ interests first without conflicts of interest or pressures to market products.

Our Investment Philosophy

We believe that combining in-depth analysis with a long term investment perspective is the best way to achieve positive, risk-adjusted rates of return for our clients. Although we monitor current developments closely, we take pride in the low asset turnover that has characterized our investment process over the years.

Our investment approach is derived from our global macro-economic perspective. Our decisions are driven by the search for “best in sector” equities.  We favor investments with the following characteristics:

Equity Investments

  • Reasonably priced companies with an attractive global business model
  • Companies with dividend growth that exceeds forecasted inflation expectations

Fixed Income Investments

  • We favor highly rated fixed income securities based on their income and safety of principal.

Key Factors that influence our decision making:

  • Global Economic Outlook
  • Fiscal and Monetary Policy
  • Labor Costs
  • Savings and Investment Flows
  • Regional and/or Country Demographics
  • International Trade Flows and Currency Differentials

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